Frequently Asked Questions

What is RocketPad?

RocketPad is a custom, rigorous accelerator for high school students where members will learn the principles of entrepreneurship and business by launching a real company alongside experienced mentors.

How is RocketPad formatted?

While the majority of the accelerator will be spent working on their company, students can expect lectures, exercises, and innovative curricula. We’ll also have frequent visits from startups, founders, and mentors from the area.

What will a typical day look like?

RocketPad takes place Monday through Friday (June 18th through July 13th) from 9:30AM to 3:30PM. The morning (9:30AM - 11:30AM) will be lecture-based. Students will learn that day's respective curriculum, which will be taught by a RocketPad staff member, consultant, mentor, or honored guest speaker. Lunch will be from 11:30AM to 12:30PM, and it will be catered on Fridays. 12:30PM to 3:30PM students will have supervised free time to work on applying that day's lesson to their venture. 3:30PM to 4:00PM there is optional, supervised free time in StartMart, which can be used to continue work, meet with mentors, or just hang out.

Who will teach the lectures?

Along with RocketPad mentors and consultants, certain guest speakers and lecturers from the Cleveland, New York, Boston and San Francisco startup communities will make appearances! More details will be revealed soon.

Do I need to have a busienss idea prior to applying?

You do not need to have a business idea or plan! Everybody has passions, and we’ll work with you during the first week to transform yours into a scalable venture (or help you find another team that you’re equally passionate about!).

Will there be any homework or graded assignments?

The startup life is addicting - we can’t guarantee you won’t want to check your daily sales revenue from home. However, while you’ll get regular feedback from coaches, mentors, and staff members throughout the four weeks about both your business and personal development, no grades will be assigned. No college credit is received for RocketPad.

Can students outside of Northeast Ohio apply to the program?

We’d love to have you apply, but we can’t provide housing or be responsible for your daily transportation. If you’re under 18, you’d have to live with a parent/guardian somewhere in the area and manage your own commute.

How can I receive a scholarship?

Any acceptance to RocketPad is need blind, meaning any financial aid application is considered independently of admission. If you deserve to be here, we’ll make it possible.

What grades and ages may apply?

Any incoming high schooler may apply to RocketPad - that is to say, if you’ll be a 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grader in the fall of 2018, apply away!

What are the selection criteria?

The first thing we look for is passion. We also look for people who care about a venture, industry, or activity. Apart from a true desire to jump headfirst into entrepreneurship, prior business experience, technical skills, and stellar grades also help!

What application materials are needed?

Apart from a brief application, you’ll need a letter of recommendation from a mentor or teacher, a resume or LinkedIn page, and an unofficial transcript from your school. Although the program is selective, if you want to apply, do!

How will I find out if I was accepted?

We'll reach out by email to let you know about any updates to your application. Super easy!

Does the application cost anything?

It is 100% free to apply to RocketPad. If accepted, a $250 deposit is required to confirm your spot (subject to change based on your financial aid package). If you decide not to do RocketPad after your deposit, we will refund it. After the program begins, however, no tuition refunds will be given.

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